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The 2020 Integrated Source Water and 319(h) Watershed Protection Plan for Public Water Systems and the Truckee River in the Truckee Meadows is a tool developed by our community to help preserve and improve the quality of groundwater, lakes, rivers, springs, and streams that supply drinking water to the general public. This voluntary multi-jurisdictional planning effort is organized on a watershed basis for the Truckee River through the Truckee Meadows. Because the river and local aquifers comprise the drinking water sources for most of the population of Washoe County, watershed management goes hand in hand in with protecting source water quality.


Project Profiles

How to protect and improve water quality now and into the future?

See a summary of on-going and proposed actions!

These Project Profiles include the information needed, to the extent practical, as identified in the EPA guidance for the nine critical elements for an endorsable watershed management plan.

Strategies to protect and improve water quality were developed for watersheds and source water protection areas (SWPAs) to address water quality concerns. These strategies are combined in this section from the Watershed Profiles and the Watershed Management and Protection Plan for Tributaries to the Truckee River by the Truckee Meadows Stormwater Permit Coordinating Committee for ease of reference.

Watershed Profile

This watershed description is intended to be a guide and resource for organizations working within the watersheds, and an educational tool for those interested in learning more about the watershed in which they live. 

Click on a watershed in the Web Map Tool in order to access more info and see the watershed profile. 

Source Water Profile
by Groundwater Basin

This Source Water Protection Area (SWPA) description is intended to be a guide and resource for organizations working within the basin. 

Click on a groundwater basin in the Web Map Tool in order to access more info and see the accompanying watershed profile.

Washoe County
Quick Maps

The Washoe Regional Mapping System (WRMS) is a comprehensive web-based mapping application designed to utilize the latest web-mapping technology and to replace older legacy mapping applications. 

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Truckee Meadows
Watershed Committee

Truckee Meadows Stormwater Permit Coordinating Committee – The interlocal agreement between the Cities of Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, updated in 2004, concluded that it was appropriate to expand the purview of the Truckee Meadows Storm Water Permit Coordinating Committee to include consideration of watershed management for the benefit of water quality in the Truckee River tributaries.

One Truckee River

One Truckee River is a collaboration of public and private partners working together to realize a Truckee River that flows clear and clean, quenches our thirst, sustains the river’s natural ecology, cultural resources and wildlife, and connects residents and visitors to unparalleled opportunities for recreation and regeneration.

Truckee Meadows
Water Authority

Providing quality water for the Truckee Meadows. Answers to FAQs about the Source Water Protection program!


For easy access to the county-wide plan information, a map based online format has been developed and is being hosted at the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency website, organized as follows:

  • Maps of the plan area to help characterize the land use, jurisdiction, and water sources in each watershed.
  • Descriptions by watershed of activities potentially contributing to point or non-point source pollution and management strategies to protect surface water and groundwater quality. 
  • Outlines of source water protection areas which represent precautionary indicators to safeguard drinking water sources, including more critical areas closer to perennial streams and public water system wells. 
  • Links to descriptions of voluntary projects to implement for watershed and source water protection.

Nonpoint Sources
Point Sources

The term “nonpoint source” is defined to mean any source of water pollution that does not meet the legal definition of “point source” in section 502(14) of the Clean Water Act:

The term “point source” means any discernible, confined and discrete conveyance, including but not limited to any pipe, ditch, channel, tunnel, conduit, well, discrete fissure, container, rolling stock, concentrated animal feeding operation, or vessel or other floating craft, from which pollutants are or may be discharged. This term does not include agricultural storm water discharges and return flows from irrigated agriculture.


Water quality protection and improvement strategies are listed in the watershed profiles and detailed in the Project Profiles. These project profiles describe the information needed to satisfy the EPA 9 Critical Elements of a watershed-based plan. 

Integration with Existing
Regional Water
Planning Entities

This Plan is one component of the comprehensive regional planning framework in Washoe County. Mutually complementary plans work together to address the broad scope of potential strategies for groundwater and surface water quality. Key entities in the water quality planning framework include: Western Regional Water Commission, Truckee Meadows Water Authority, Washoe County, City of Sparks, City of Reno, Central Truckee Truckee Meadows Remediation District, Truckee Meadows Storm Water Permitting Coordinating Committee, and Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency. 

The Planning Team

The Planning Development Team was composed of several teams that assembled the Plan elements. These included representatives from local and state government agency planners, scientists, and educators. To see the primary planning entities, Click Here!

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